Stanley Granite Company
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Stanley Granite Company

Monument Accessories

Stanley Granite is a full service monument dealer.  We manufacture upright monuments and grave markers, as well as cemetery lettering, cleaning and resealing upright monuments, installation of urns, pictures and bronze plaques and statues.  We also offer laser or artist rendered etchings.  All designs can be customized and personalized for a unique family remembrance.   Each cemetery has it's own rules and regulations regarding accessories and placement.  Please be sure to check with
your cemetery to see what their restrictions are.

Link To Vases / Urns

Link To Vases

We have a large variety of vases and urns for installation on yourgranite memorial.  Vases are available in cast bronze
as well as other metals in a variety of colors.  Urns are available in Marble and Granite.

Link To Portrait Options

Link To Portraits

Ceramic or acrylic portraits are the ultimate personal touch. You can tastefully display your most cherished photograph on your monument, permanently protected from the elements.  Unconditionally guaranteed - replaced free if ever damaged or vandalized. Hand and laser etched portraits are another tastefull option.

Eternal Lights

Eternal Lights

Our candle lit eternal lights or vigil lights come in a variety of sizes and colors to match your requests

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