Stanley Granite Company
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Stanley Granite Company

Additional Services

Stanley Granite is a full service monument dealer.  We manufacture upright monuments and grave markers, as well as cemetery
lettering, cleaning and resealing upright monuments, installation of urns, pictures and bronze plaques and statues.  We also offer
laser or artist rendered etchings.  All designs can be customized and personalized for a unique family remembrance.  Keep in
mind all our monument and marker quotes include designs,  large family name,  given names and sets of dates.

Link To Cemetery Lettering

Link To Lettering

We also provide a cemetery lettering service.  We are able to travel to cemeteries within the Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts
and Connecticut areas to sandblast final dates in the cemetery.  Please contact us for more details and current pricing on this service.

Link To Bronze Restoration

Link To Restoration

Bronze restoration.  Using the finest craftsmanship available, your restoration project can be safely returned to its original luster.

Monument Cleaning

Monument Cleaning

Over the years monuments are subject to staining from trees and oils.  These stains can best be removed through pressure
cleaning by our experienced staff.  Please give us a call or visit us for pricing.

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